Felicity: Sexy Bar Girl Deepthroat

I was able to get Felicity’s phone number from Carla, they both work as Filipina bar girls at the same gogo bar. Both are sexy slender Filipina girls and both are amazing fucks, but I have to give it to Felicity in the blowjob department, she really did an amazing job deep throating my cock.

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Carla: Petite Filipina Bar Girl

Every week I go to the bars and try to find a sexy Filipina bar girl to come back with me and do some sexy photos, but I usually go home empty handed. Tonight was different, I met Carla and she loved to show off on cam for me, and she agreed to come back with me to do the sexy photos. She was a real monster in bed, she loved to suck my cock so good, and her tight little pussy felt so nice, I loved her perky little tits too.

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Ashley: Morning Boom Boom

I met this cute petite Filipina girl Ashley while walking around the SM Mall. She agreed to do a sexy photoshoot with me, showing off her sexy nude body and nice shaved Filipina pussy, but I couldn’t get her to agree to fuck me. She did agree, however, to spend the night with me, but no sex. Luckily, the next morning, I helped her change her mind on that subject and got to sink my cock into her lovely wet pussy.

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Daisy: Met This Filipina Girl Chatting Online

Filipina girls love to chat online with foreigners, they sit all day in the internet cafe’s just chatting away. Fortunately for me, this Filipina girl had internet at home and I was so surprised when she showed me her tits on her webcam. Got me so horny, I had to meet her in person. I asked her if she would like to meet me and she agreed, so we headed back to my hotel room where I convinced her to let me shoot some photos of her sexy nude Filipina body.

The photoshoot got her really hot and she wanted to fuck, but made me wear a condom (I Hate wearing condoms). But that was ok I guess, this sexy Filipina was still a great fuck.

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Analyn: Fuck Me Harder!

Wow, ok, I officially LOVE the Philippines for sex! Here I am just sitting by the pool and I notice this sexy Filipina Analyn sitting alone bored out of her mind because she is on vacation with her parents. So, Analyn and I head back to my hotel room, and we get ready to make the boom-boom.

This Filipina really knew how to suck a cock good, and when I was fucking her hairy pussy she LOVED it so much, screaming Fuck Me Harder, louder and louder, I really hope her parents didn’t hear her through the hotel walls because she was very loud. I loved it!

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Maricel: Shy Filipina Girl

Putting my new found information to the test, I met Maricel and her friend April, we had some drinks by the pool, they were both very shy. I decided to try for Maricel first, so I took her back to my room for the sexy photoshoot. I talked her out of her shorts and panties, but she kept her shirt on for some reason, but I did not mind.

After playing with my cock and licking my balls I put myself inside Maricel’s hairy pussy and started the Filipina sex session, fucking her as white cream dripped from her pussy, so I know she liked it very much.

As I was fucking her all I could think about really was I wonder how her friend April will be to fuck.

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Zen: The Second Time’s The Charm

I first met Zen on March 1, out on my daily walk about trying to find some Filipina pussy to fuck. I saw her sexy little legs walking towards me and I knew I had to meet her. After talking for a bit, Zen and I returned to my place where she let me do a sexy nude photoshoot of her, I loved her nice skinny body and perky little tits, she played with my cock but didn’t let me fuck her at that time.

Zen came back today, and was wearing a sexy jean skirt and some leopard panties, we did another photoshoot but this time she gave me the Filipina sex I wanted and boy did her tight little Filipina pussy feel so good. I hope Zen and I become great friends.

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Veregit: From Cam to Wham Bam

If you’re new to meeting Filipina girls online, you’ll soon find out that they all use Yahoo Messenger, or YM, as they call it, and they all love to see you on cam. Once you get them on cam, it’s always fun to talk them into getting naked and playing for you, they will usually do it if they really like you. This is what happened wiht Veregit, she loved to show me her tits on cam, and watch me play with my cock for her.

Finally Veredit agreed to meet me for drinks, so I took her to a gogo bar, and then back to my place where we I got her to have some sex with me. She couldn’t wait to get my cock inside her, she ripped off her panties and flung them across the room as I dropped my pants and got my hard cock out for her. I fucked her so hard, banging her wet pussy good and she loved it. God Bless Cam Girls.

BTW if you’re looking for cam girls to meet on YM, it’s very easy, just go to this cam site, and take one of the girls you like prvt, and give them your Yahoo ID, just type it out in the pvt chat like your_id@yahoo.com they’ll know to write it down. They can’t ask you for it and you can’t ask them for theirs, because they will get fired from the cam site, but they can’t stop you from giving it to them. Here are some of my favorite girls I hope to meet:

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Angel: Revenge Is Best Served In My Bedroom

The thing I like best about looking for sex in the Philippines is that you can find it in the most unexpected places. Here I am sitting in my hotel lobby and I see Angel sitting all alone and looking sad, so I ask her why she is so sad, and she tells me because her boyfriend cheated on her. So, we decided to get revenge on that bad guy and let her fuck me to get back at him. Great plan huh? Yes, I thought so too.

So we went straight to my room, and Angel didn’t waste any time getting naked and seducing me by sucking my cock. I fucked this Filipina so hard, her nice ass giggle and her mouth moaned and she loved it so much. I was glad I could help her get back at her boyfriend.

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Jopay: White Creamy Tight Pussy

When it comes to Filipina sex, I really like the petite Filipina girls. Their pussies are so tight and wrap around my cock so nice and they are so light and easy to pick up and move around how I like, it’s almost like a little sex toy, well, I guess they are little sex toys. That is why I like fucking Jopay so much today. As you can see I picked the tiniest of the girls and Jopay was it. I took her back to my room, and let her lick my hairy balls and kiss my hard cock, telling she was not very experienced.

I put my cock into her tight pussy and fucked her so good that her pussy gave me the creamy white love that lets you know you’re fucking a Filipina right. For such a tiny girl, Jopay had a nice pair of tits too. I love fucking this petite sex toy, Jopay, I love you.

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