Daisy: Met This Filipina Girl Chatting Online

Filipina girls love to chat online with foreigners, they sit all day in the internet cafe’s just chatting away. Fortunately for me, this Filipina girl had internet at home and I was so surprised when she showed me her tits on her webcam. Got me so horny, I had to meet her in person. I asked her if she would like to meet me and she agreed, so we headed back to my hotel room where I convinced her to let me shoot some photos of her sexy nude Filipina body.

The photoshoot got her really hot and she wanted to fuck, but made me wear a condom (I Hate wearing condoms). But that was ok I guess, this sexy Filipina was still a great fuck.


Jewel: A Gift of Tits from God

One thing you can be sure of in the Philippines, is churches, so I thought I would take a day to visit one and see what it’s like. It was like a sign from God when Jewel walked past me outside the church, I introduced myself to her big tits and they, I mean, she agreed to come spend the day with me.

I told her I had to make a stop back at my place first, so she came along with me, and once I got her inside, I could see she was down for some sexy time fun. Jewel unleashed her big tits on me and sucked me so good, she was wild girl in bed and let me fuck her so good.


Week 8: The Unforgotten & The Mute

Well it’s now been 2 months since I started my Filipina sex diary. This week was very interesting indeed, I got to sink my cock into the mouth of a mute who had a set of really big Filipina tits. Jealousy paid off as I fucked the very cute April and her amazing set of perfect tits, and an old flame was relit by a webcam show that got me so horny I had to have her again.

All in all I would have to say the last 2 months have been a great adventure with lots of great Filipina sex and fun. I look forward to things to cum.


Nhei: Return of the Deadeye

I happened to see Nhei online again, and she got naked for me on webcam, just laying there expressionless on her bed show me her tits and hairy Filipina pussy, and it dawned on me that I missed her and her no expression cock sucking.

Nhei agreed to meet me again, and she showed up ready to seduce me in her sexy little outfit, she just looked at me with those blank eyes, and so I put her to work right away sucking my cock, and fucked her good, leaving my mark on her.


Grace: Mute & Big Filipina Tits

Grace came to my room with my sexy friend Sheila and I couldn’t help but notice her huge tits trying to get out of her tank top, I kept showing interest in Grace and her tits, teasing her and finally it came to my attention that she was a mute. But, my teasing paid off, because she decided to let me have my way with her and her big Filipina tits.

I got Grace onto my bed and out of her top and bra, and wow, those big Filipina tits were so nice, I took her hand and put it on my hard cock and then she finally started to get into the mood, sucking my cock, licking my hairy balls, and letting me fuck her juicy wet pussy.


April: Great Filipina Tits!

I met April while she was walking with Maricel, and it turns out that April isn’t quite as shy as Maricel was, and as an added bonus this Filipina has Amazing tits, my god, I love her tits.

I loved her nice tits so much that we took a shower together just so I could rub soap all over them, then I had April suck my cock in the shower before I took her back to my bed and fucked her tight hairy Filipina pussy. I loved it when she was on top of me, because her perfect Filipina tits looked so nice in my face.


Week 7: Riddle Me This…

Wow, has is been 7 weeks already, my god, how time flies when you’re having fun, lots and lots of fucking fun! This week was some great sex for sure, I met the sexy Anabel by the pool and her screaming fuck me harder and harder was some of the most exciting Filipina sex I’ve have so far. Ella was also a great little fuck, this horny bar girl showed up ready to party and she loved to do things to me that I loved to have done to me :)

Let’s not forget the very shy Maricel, she had no idea what I had in mind for her, but after some smooth talking, and a lot of bullshitting, I got her to do so many things, sucking and fucking, it was so great.


Ella: America, Fuck Ya!

I met this cute Filipina girl at the local 7-11 store. I couldn’t help but introduce myself and see if she would like to meet me later. She agreed to stop by my room later on. Ella showed up in a sexy American flag top and short skirt, wearing some ripped stockings and nice black panties.

I love the way this sexy Filipina sucked my cock and let me play with her nice ass in her butterfly panties. I fucked her for a while in her shirt and stockings, then took her shirt off but left the sexy stockings on while I finish pounding her hairy little Filipina pussy.


Analyn: Fuck Me Harder!

Wow, ok, I officially LOVE the Philippines for sex! Here I am just sitting by the pool and I notice this sexy Filipina Analyn sitting alone bored out of her mind because she is on vacation with her parents. So, Analyn and I head back to my hotel room, and we get ready to make the boom-boom.

This Filipina really knew how to suck a cock good, and when I was fucking her hairy pussy she LOVED it so much, screaming Fuck Me Harder, louder and louder, I really hope her parents didn’t hear her through the hotel walls because she was very loud. I loved it!


Maricel: Shy Filipina Girl

Putting my new found information to the test, I met Maricel and her friend April, we had some drinks by the pool, they were both very shy. I decided to try for Maricel first, so I took her back to my room for the sexy photoshoot. I talked her out of her shorts and panties, but she kept her shirt on for some reason, but I did not mind.

After playing with my cock and licking my balls I put myself inside Maricel’s hairy pussy and started the Filipina sex session, fucking her as white cream dripped from her pussy, so I know she liked it very much.

As I was fucking her all I could think about really was I wonder how her friend April will be to fuck.