Week 12: I’m a Poet & Didn’t Know It

By far one of my best weeks so far, I met 3 amazing girls, all very sexy and giving me the great Filipina sex that I love. Two of the Filipina beauties, Barbie and Angela, were Filipina sex cam girls while the 3rd, Felicity, was a sexy Filipina bar girl who I met last week but decided to take her friend home first.

This week has put me into the love mood, so I made this nice little poem like review video for you to enjoy.


Barbie: Anyway I Want it, That’s the Way I Need Got It

Busty Filipina sex cam girl Barbie showed up at my hotel room today, she needed a little extra cash, and when I am paying for sex, I get right to it, so I asked her if I could do anything I wanted, and she said yes. I really liked her nice big tits as she was sucking my cock, and fucking her nice hairy pussy also felt so good as her wet pussy wrapped around my cock, Barbie was worth every Peso.


Felicity: Sexy Bar Girl Deepthroat

I was able to get Felicity’s phone number from Carla, they both work as Filipina bar girls at the same gogo bar. Both are sexy slender Filipina girls and both are amazing fucks, but I have to give it to Felicity in the blowjob department, she really did an amazing job deep throating my cock.


Angela: Mysterious Cam Girl Revealed

Well after only showing me her big beautiful Filipina tits on cam, and then finally revealing her face to me Angela decided to come meet me and let me sample her big tits personally. She really liked the way I fucked her so good, and I loved how her big tits bounced, they were big, but still very firm, so I loved them, and her nice wet shaved pussy felt so good wrapped around my cock.


Week 11: Decisions Decisions

I finally got to meet the Filipina Cam Sex girl Corazon who I met online, she came over and was quite nice and funny. We took some sexy photos and then I had my way with her putty my cock into her mouth and fucking her hairy pussy.

Then I headed to the bars for my weekly visit, finally I found a sexy bar girl who loved to let me photograph her, so I took Carla home and fucked the shit out of her, she was so horny, sucking my cock so good, her sexy petite body fucking me so good.

I also finally got to see Angela’s face and she gave me her #! :)


Carla: Petite Filipina Bar Girl

Every week I go to the bars and try to find a sexy Filipina bar girl to come back with me and do some sexy photos, but I usually go home empty handed. Tonight was different, I met Carla and she loved to show off on cam for me, and she agreed to come back with me to do the sexy photos. She was a real monster in bed, she loved to suck my cock so good, and her tight little pussy felt so nice, I loved her perky little tits too.


Corazon: Filipina Sex Cam Girl

Corazon is another sexy Filipina girl I met on my favorite Filipina Sex Cam website. After viewing her big tits on cam I knew for sure I wanted to fuck her, so she agreed to meet me for some fun in my room. Surprisingly she was actually on time, which led me to believe she really wanted to have some cock that night.

Here are some more of my favorite Filipina sex cam girls are live right now:


Week 10: Too Sweet & Too Soon For Boom Boom

It was Holy Week here in the Philippines, so I did my part by filling any many holes a I could with my cock. Carren came by for another visit, and stayed the night, we made love all night and it was so amazing. I met a sexy petite girl named Ashley at the SM Mall and did a sexy photoshoot with her, she wouldn’t fuck me right away, but after spending the night with me, we had some great morning sex.

Then I went out and took part in the actual Holy Week festivities.


Ashley: Morning Boom Boom

I met this cute petite Filipina girl Ashley while walking around the SM Mall. She agreed to do a sexy photoshoot with me, showing off her sexy nude body and nice shaved Filipina pussy, but I couldn’t get her to agree to fuck me. She did agree, however, to spend the night with me, but no sex. Luckily, the next morning, I helped her change her mind on that subject and got to sink my cock into her lovely wet pussy.


Week 9: Sleepy Sex & Jewels from God

Another week, and more beautiful Filipinas fucked. This week I woke up next to a Filipina name Arcel and couldn’t resist fucking her while she slept, her ass looked so good in the morning light, I just couldn’t help myself. I was given a gift from God in the form of Jewel and her nice big Filipina tits, things went well with her.

I met another girl online and she gave me sexy cam show and wanted to meet right away for sex, so I did what any guy in my position would do, I met the sexy long legged Filipina slut for a night of fucking and sucking.